The Longridge Jacket - Navy
The Longridge Jacket - Navy
The Longridge Jacket - Navy
Latham & Taylor

The Longridge Jacket - Navy

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Latham & Taylor presents the Longridge Jacket for Gentlemen. This beautiful men's tweed jacket is a modern take on a traditional tweed blazer featuring a contemporary printed lining, contrasting beige pocket jet and button hole, classic fit and a woven window pane check on a herringbone cloth. Our subtle hints of colour are perfect to make a classic country men's jacket slightly different without being too bold. Wear the Longridge with a shirt or pair with a matching Latham & Taylor tweed waistcoat for the slightly more formal events.
  • Wool Blend Men's Tweed Jacket
  • Contemporary Print Lining
  • Contrasting Beige Pocket Jets and Button Hole
  • Matching Waistcoat Available